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Would you like to be a Volunteer

Money/Budget Advisor?

More and more families and individuals it appears are struggling to make ends meet hence the rise in foodbanks, homelessness and insolvency proceedings.Christians Against Poverty is a National Christian Charity that is helping people out of their financial difficulties.  

Its mission is to serve and equip and reach out to the poor in the local community. Since it first started in 1996 CAP has steadily grown to an extent that it is now responsible for 654 projects and over 250 debt centres besides providing job clubs and life skills for the unemployed.  

Some members of the Circuit may recall that Chelmsford once had its own CAP Debt Centre.   Currently people from several Churches in Chelmsford have been looking to re-establish this Debt Help Centre.  In the meantime, they are setting up Money Advice Centres that would provide practical advice on how people undergoing financial difficulties can best manage their finances.

If you would like to attend a meeting either to hear about CAP’s work or with the prospect of joining a team and then receive training to become a money/budget advisor please contact

Tony Bender. Email:

Telephone: 01245 422305.


Thank you


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